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Spread Experts is thrilled to have Joe Kane and his two decades worth of handicapping experience join the team. Joe has provided consistent winners in NFL, college football, MLB, NBA, college basketball and NHL, and specializes in bankroll management. His focus is producing winners annually and avoids falling into pitfalls that plague most handicappers, many of whom chase losses while trying to win daily. On top of his coverage of the primary sports, Joe is also our resident horse-racing expert. Don't miss his coverage of the Triple Crown every year.

Tony Marsalle brings over 10 years of handicapping experience to Spread Experts. Not only does he cover NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, college football and college hoops, but Tony also specializes in NASCAR, golf, MMA and boxing. In fact, you won't want to miss Tony's breakdown of MMA, as he consistently provides winners through outstanding research on the sport. Like Joe Kane and the other handicappers at Spread Experts, Tony's philosophy is rooted in excellent bankroll management.

Michael Cash is one of the “OG’s” of gambling’s new guard. Since 1999 Cash has been harnessing the power of the internet to push the limits of Sports Betting theory and winning. As owner of the hugely popular Sports Betting Portal, Michael is proud to lend his lifetime of experience to From Detroit to Las Vegas to Costa Rica and back again, Michael Cash has seen and done it all in the sports betting world and his experience and advice has proven invaluable to a whole generation of gamblers.

Dave Greene is a 25-year veteran of the sports handicapping arts, having analyzed every professional and major NCAA sport in his career. Dave Greene has most recently provided consistent winners in the NFL, college football, college basketball and golf -- and is always looking for maximum value for the bankroll. Whether it be the Vegas strip, offshore or online around the world, Dave Greene's winning experience and knowledge is invaluable for today's gamblers.

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